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West Highland White Terrier Grooming Specialists.

Bittern, Victoria, Australia.

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Does your Westie, look like a Westie?

Tired of taking your Westie to a groomer and getting it back looking like a Maltese, a white Scottie dog, or worse, shaved all over?

We breed and show Westies, so we know what they should look like. We have taken several of our Westies to their Australian Championship Titles and we currently have over 60 Westies that we regularly groom.

We can hand-strip your Westie to encourage its hard coat to come through or we can do a pet clip using a combination of clippers and scissor cuts to achieve the classic Westie look.

Visit our Grooming Services page for details of the services we offer and prices or call us on 0400 053 141 to make an appointment. We are located in Bittern, on the Mornington Penninsula.

Care and Advice

As we are also experienced Westie Breeders, we can provide advice relating to skin care, allergies, Westie diets and behavioural issues.

One thing that we highly recommend for new puppy owners is that they have their puppy hand-stripped at approximately 16 weeks of age. This removes the fine puppy hair that will break and cause knots and allows its adult coat to come through and also makes it easier to brush and maintain their coat.

Devnik Westies
We groom Westies of all ages!

Hand-stripping Versus Clipping

Because Westies do not moult, they need regular brushing to remove their dead hair. Show dogs must be hand-stripped and this is a complex and time-consuming process where all of the dead hair is plucked by hand to thin the coat out. Pet Westies do not need to be hand-stripped, if they are regularly brushed, they can be clipped every 8 to 10 weeks to maintain the classic Westie appearance. Clipping is quicker, cheaper and less stressful for your Westie.